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Back To School-Naturally

So school is upon us....or for many already begun! This time of year is filled with excitement, shopping and finishing up the last bit of summer. For many of us it is also an opportunity to get back into healthier routines or think about routines to start. This can be overwhelming so I want to show you some simple and easy strategies and tips.


Sleep is so important for our kids growing bodies and brains. If they don’t get adequate shut-eye their bodies will be under too much stress to develop correctly. So how much sleep?

  • Age 1-2 needs 11-14 hours (this includes naps)
  • Age 3-5 needs 10-13 hours (some children will still nap)
  • Ages 6-13 needs 9-11 hours and all at night


  • Established bedtime routine and time (bath, PJ’s, brush teeth, story, lights out).
  • Make sure technology is out of your children’s room, especially at night (phones, iPads, computers, etc.).  Looking at screens before bed has been shown to disrupt sleep patterns.
  • Make sure the room is cool.
  • Use some calming essential oils put on topically (diluted on the feet and back of the neck) and diffused in the room (lavender, cedarwood, serenity blend, balance blend, wild orange, vetiver, roman chamomile, Calmer kids Roller).
  • Use a meditation app, story or music to help them calm down, relax and drift off.  (meditation app Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories).


What our kids eat daily is super important to their growth, immune system function, behavior, and brain function. It is easy to get stuck in the same old options.

I always recommend trying your hardest to stay away from artificial ingredients, GMO’s, cheap plastics (stainless steel and glass are best) and overly processed foods. I follow the Dirty Dozen list of fruits and vegetables, so you don’t have to buy ALL organic. I also highly suggest gluten-free, dye-free and as low as you can go with added sugar.


  • No sugar to low sugar yogurt or Greek yogurt (you can sprinkle with a little low sugar, gluten-free granola).
  • Premade gluten-free muffins/bread.

Pamela’s Gluten-Free Mix, Almond Flour, Simple Mills mix

  • Sprouted Toast (find in the frozen section of the store) with organic Peanut Butter/Almond Butter
  • Smoothies: Add frozen fruit, protein powder (egg white, collagen, and vegan formulas), greens powder(amazing grass is my favorite) almond milk.
  • Premade Egg Cups to be heated.


A good idea is to invest in a good Bento Box or food storage container (like Bizz Bento Box). Make sure they are heavy-duty non-BPA and stainless steel is preferable. This cuts down on kids using a ton of plastics that will leach into their foods.

  • Better Lunchables: Not a perfect option, but better than your average lunchable is Hormel Natural Choice. You can also cut up your own high-quality lunch meat, organic cheese etc.
  • Fresh Fruit: Let the Kids pick out the fruit they want for their lunches.
  • Lara Bars instead of granola bars.
  • Better chip options: Pirate Booty, organic corn chips, sweet potato chips, veggie chips.
  • Organic vegetables with dip: Tessamae’s Ranch, Hummus, Chevre Goat Cheese.
  • Nut Butter on Sprouted Bread with organic jelly.
  • Water in a stainless steel water bottle.

After School Snack:

1 cup almond milk, splash of vanilla, pinch of salt, 1-2 T. Maple Syrup, 1-2 T. Cocoa or Cacao, a splash of Silk Almond Milk Creamer.


Supplementation is very important for our children’s growth and development. Between picky eaters and the lack of nutrients from the soil in today's agriculture, our kids are not getting what they need.

  •  dōTERRA A to Z Multivitamin:  Overall health

When looking for a good multivitamin make sure it isn’t GMO, full of sugar and full of chemical fillers.

  •  dōTERRA IQ Mega (Omega 3 Fatty Acids):  This is a liquid.
  • dōTERRA PB Assist Jr, Probiotic:  Best probiotic for kids.
  • Alive Vitamin C Powder (order on Amazon or get at sprouts)
  • Juice Plus fruit and veggie gummies are a good option to support the diet too.

Supplements to have on hand:

  • Elderberry Syrup, gummies, drops.
  • Kids Organic Echinacea
  • Umka Kids Cough and Cold
  • Colloidal Silver
  • Onguard + Softgels (for younger children these can be popped and rubbed on the feet with a carrier oil to dilute them)
  • Serenity Softgels (only for older children that can swallow pills)

This will be a good baseline of supplements to have to support most things at home.

Essential Oils To Help Our Kids

Along with getting good sleep, drinking good water, eating good and low sugar foods and taking daily vitamins, essential oils can greatly benefit our kids in several ways. Essential oils are not miracles, but they do have an amazing benefit at supporting the body as it comes into contact with pathogens. They can help calm down anxious feelings or help the brain to focus. They can also support proper sleep cycles.

  •  Stronger Kids Blend:  To be used daily on the feet and spine for supporting a strong immune system.  Apply in the morning and before bed.
  • Thinker Kids Blend:  Great for kids that need help focusing.  Apply before school on the back of the neck, feet, and chest and before homework or an activity that requires focus.
  • Calmer Kids Blend:  Helps with sleeplessness and can be used at night.  Also, very helpful for kids that deal with hyperactive brains, tantrums, and anxiety.  Apply on the back of the neck, chest, feet, and wrists.
  • Brave Kids Blend:  Instills courage and uplifts nervous or shy children.  Apply on the back of the neck, chest, and wrists.
  • Steady Kids Blend:  Supports stress and helps bring homeostasis to children’s bodies.  Apply on the back of the neck, chest, feet, and wrists.
  • Rescuer Kids Blend:  This is for pain and inflammation.  Use on sore muscles, headaches, toothaches (or braces along the jawline), and bruises.
  • Tea Tree/Melaleuca oil:  Great for disinfecting cuts and scrapes.  Also, shampoo 1 drop into your child’s head to help prevent lice.
  • Onguard Hand Sanitizer:  Put in their backpacks and have one at home.  Wonderful and safe way to cut down on germs.
  • Breathe Vapor Stick:  Great for respiratory support and allergies.  Needs extra dilution for small children.  Rub on the chest and rub on the feet for tiny babies.
  • Correct X:  Great first aid ointment!
I put together a really fun Back To School package filled with all your doTERRA goodies to help make this transition easier and no fuss!

If your NEW to doTERRA and order this kit in Aug. I would like to gift you with a FREE BREATHE STICK! Please email me at and give me your order # and your mailing address!

Check out this video on a review of these back to school items!

Let me know how I can help you! Feel free to set up a free consultation!

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